Monday, 16 August 2010

Usability, User Experience and Accessibility at CHI 2011

David Gilmore (Logitech) and I are subcommittee chairs for CHI 2011 (more information) for usability, user experience and accessibility (U+UX+AX).

I am in-between web-pages at the moment, having moved from Sunderland to Northumbria last year, where the School of Design is preparing new home pages for research staff, so for now, I've written this blog post to let CHI authors know something about me.

My main research interest is innovation and assessment of design and evaluation approaches. I am Scientific Co-ordinator for a 25 country European network of researchers with similar interests (find out more about the TwinTide project). I was the lead for Working Group 2 in the MAUSE project, and co-authored the final report on comparing usability evaluation methods.

I have published on evaluation methods and practice, with a focus on the mix of resources that are provided on the one hand by specific approaches such as Heurstic Evaliation and Usability Testing, and on the other by the project contexts (including the evaluators themselves) where methods are developed and applied. Almost all of this research was in collaboration with Alan Woolrych and/or Darryn Lavery. Two key methodological innovations from this research were the SUPEX method for extracting usability problems from test data, and structured problem report formats.  Relevant publications can be found on the ACM Digital Library and via the HCI Bibliography.

My accessibility research has focused on brain-body interfaces for traumatic brain-injury and accessibility of public terminals such as ATMs. All of this research is in collaboration with Eamon Doherty, Paul Gnanayutham or Brendan Cassidy, and can be found via the ACM and hcibib links above.

I have also published extensively on worth- and value-based design approaches, but this work is more relevant to the Design subcommittee.  However, my work on user experience frames (Kansei 2009 keynote) is relevant to research within the scope of the U+UX+AX SC.

As SC co-chair with David Gilmore, we will be delegating almost all of the reviewing to our Associate Chairs (ACs), so the brief survey of my own research here is provided to give you a feel for my research interests. However, to form a proper understanding of the focus of the U+UX+AX SC, you should look at AC's web pages, which can be reached via the relevant CHI 2011 web page.

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